According to sources cited in the Guardian, Sir Keir is expected to make a pledge to “recognise Palestine before the end of any peace process.”

They also claimed he would commit to ensuring such a move is not vetoed by neighbouring countries.

But Momentum slammed it as a weakening of Labour’s previous commitments.

A spokesperson said: “The manifesto Starmer stood on pledged to recognise a Palestinian state immediately. Labour reiterated this in 2022.

“Now, it’s just ‘at some point’ — this is not good enough.

“Spain, Ireland and other countries have already recognised a Palestinian state. But the Starmer leadership rows back on Labour’s policy, then gaslights Palestinians and their supporters that they have somehow advanced.”

Jewish Voice for Labour co-chairwoman Jenny Manson said: “An offer to recognise Palestinian statehood before the end of any peace process, is at the current time, with absolutely no prospect of a peace process, a non-commitment."