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  • That’s a big oof, and I feel really sorry for them.

    Area has a rubbish problem. Council considers it fly tipping.
    Someone tries to help by arranging it, Council now has a name for the fly-tipping, sends the fine, problem “solved”.
    I’ve often worried when reporting fly tips in the past, that my council will just use me as the closest thing they have to a lead!

    The lesson is, I guess, if you’re going to do this, take it to the tip.

    Readers will be pleased to see that their gofundme is now standing at £1800!
    I thought about chipping in a tenner, but apparently gofundme sends your real name to the fundraisers, which is a bit uncomfortable for me.

  • Please try to calm down a bit mate.

    We can appreciate your frustration: It is not a fun situation when the main options for the government both support the horrible things happening in the Middle East.

    I can promise you, we don’t enjoy it either. People choose to vote tactically to put the most pressure on the lesser of two evils, and avoid an even more questionable result (CON+REF+DUP coalition, anyone?)

    Hopefully, one day we can see AV coming into practice. And we can see MPs better representing the votes of the nation.

    And until then, we can continue to put pressure on bad situations, via the small parties, via protest. But not by cutting off our noses to spite our faces.

    Please be civil with people on feddit.uk. Shouting is not civil.

  • And a very important section, that does not surprise me at all:

    The low success rate of applications has been put down, in part, to an increasingly number of speculative applications being submitted. Industry reports show a rise in so called “phantom projects” in these cases, developers submit multiple applications for many sites, with the expectation being that very few will connect. These speculative and duplicate applications have seen the connections queue grow, increasing the work needed to progress projects.

    It becomes a sad self-fulfilling prophecy. Applications take a long time to process, so companies fling lots in parallel, then only use the first to get through.
    Which means that applications take even longer to get through.