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  • Racism is definitely a huge part of it, but I thinks it’s too simplistic to say it’s just racism. The problem is the press in this country is dominated by monied interests and has a very incestuous relationship with power, so it’s generally in their interests to distract from actual causes of issues and instead to blame immigrants.

    To give an example, when Farage blames immigrants for the housing crisis, the BBC reports in it but the companies like Blackstone, who buy up vast swaths of Britain’s housing to rent, rarely, if ever, get mentioned.

    I don’t think most people become anti-immigration because of racism. I think they get into it through some economic problem they’re facing that only right-wing pundits in the media mention when talking about immigration. It’s just being in anti-immigrant circles exposes you to a lot more racist ideas, ideas the average person doesn’t have the knowledge to see the issues with.

    I’m not trying to attack your auntie, but she specifically separated immigration from racism, so there’s probably another angle I just can’t see.

    No worries. I love her obviously, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see when she’s buying into problematic narratives.

  • I met up with my auntie over the weekend and she, quietly, said she voted Tory. Farage also got brought up where she said he was a misogynist and a racist, but she also bemoaned Starmer scrapping the Rwanda policy and he didn’t ‘have a plan’ to stop ‘people coming in’. She later complained of not being able to sell her house, because the offers keep falling through.

    Really goes to show how people will keep voting for the leopards eating people’s face party even after they’ve had their face eaten.