According to sources cited in the Guardian, Sir Keir is expected to make a pledge to “recognise Palestine before the end of any peace process.”

They also claimed he would commit to ensuring such a move is not vetoed by neighbouring countries.

But Momentum slammed it as a weakening of Labour’s previous commitments.

A spokesperson said: “The manifesto Starmer stood on pledged to recognise a Palestinian state immediately. Labour reiterated this in 2022.

“Now, it’s just ‘at some point’ — this is not good enough.

“Spain, Ireland and other countries have already recognised a Palestinian state. But the Starmer leadership rows back on Labour’s policy, then gaslights Palestinians and their supporters that they have somehow advanced.”

Jewish Voice for Labour co-chairwoman Jenny Manson said: “An offer to recognise Palestinian statehood before the end of any peace process, is at the current time, with absolutely no prospect of a peace process, a non-commitment."

  • frog 🐸
    1 month ago

    I think the odds are against it though.

    I’ve been watching the odds on a couple of bookies’ websites over the last week. It helps provide an insight into what people are thinking outside of what the media reports. The Lib Dems’ odds of being the second largest party are currently 7/2, apparently, so… yeah, the odds are against them, but not so much so that the bookies are willing to risk a lot of money.

    I’m definitely hoping for the Lib Dems to become the official opposition as well. I think having a new voice in opposition would do the country a lot of good, and I like Ed Davey.