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  • I think you’ve got it. Yes.

    It’s called multi-member constituencies and we used to do it before 1950 but only in some areas. We even did a small number under STV, but it never became the universal norm. We just divided those constituencies down to single member o es to make everything the same.

    What I’m saying is that we moved the wrong way. We should have normalised everything by moving everything to multi-member and retained STV (not the other systems on that page).

    The biggest argument against is that in rural areas the size of a single constituency could become very large. For example: would Wales large parts of Wales fall entirely into a handful of constituencies, or the north west of Scotland? On the other hand, it would simplify things in urban areas.

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    A codec is a module that encodes and decodes (COder/DECoder…CoDec) information into a format. That format might be H.264 or VP9 or whatever.

    So yes. NvEnc is a codec, or at least, it is when partnered with the hardware decoding also. It’s a codec for multiple formats.

  • The DUP propped up May’s government which put through Brexit. They take their seats and speak in debates. They have an effect, but not much of one with so few seats, and Reform is on a similar number. They will be a similar small voice in Westminster.

    The vote share is a different issue. Some Tories will be looking at that longingly, but I suspect they would alienate more than they’d recruit if they actually shifted in that direction.