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  • Hardware specs would be more useful than the model.

    As a general rule, install ‘tlp’, and ‘powertop’. TLP will usually make a decent impact with the defaults detected for your specific hardware, but you can go further by tailoring the config for your specific hardware as well. Powertop is normally better for laptop power measurement on battery, but the tunables section will show you good and bad settings that are currently enabled, which you can easily toggle on and off. It’s just an easy interface for new users to be able to dig into detailed power tunables without really harming anything.

  • Then you didn’t explain the issue very well, because what you’re asking for was given to you exactly. Builds also have flags, and you should know that if you’re complaining about advice given to you. I’m not saying that to admonish you, just giving you the info.

    The next step down is that you’re using Portainer, and having user-error issues somehow. So another solution is renaming these actions something with a very obvious prefix like “BUILD ACTION”, but also setting memory limits.

    The very last step is making sure your swap is in order. Allocate 2x your system memory to swap, and this will help alleviate OOM issues to a point, but especially during builds.

    If you come back and say this is a band-aid solution, get a better machine and stop asking questions to solve the impossible in here. This is your fault this is an issue to begin with, you don’t know how to run your machines (regardless of it just being a home server or whatever ), and you’re just being rude.

  • Installing Windows will always nuke the existing bootloadet with the Windows one. You can install Linux just fine now, then Windows, but you’ll need go back and set the bootloader back to grub or whatever your distro prefers. If you don’t know how to do this yet, just look it up. You’ll need to know how to do it in the future, since Windows Updates will randomly do this again in the future.

  • This isn’t a band-aid, it’s the literal fix.

    Structuring the available CPU and Memory reservations for containers is LITERALLY the entire reason containers exist. Just because you’re only familiar with the “dumb” way of using them doesn’t mean you should be dismissive when someone offers you advice when you come here asking for it.

    You’re also seemingly just a dick for being lazy, because I looked, and wuddyaknow. So now you’re just rude, dickish, and lazy.

    Take the advice from the original responder, and then go and learn how to use the things you’re asking for help with, along with some manners.