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  • These aren’t browser games, but could still be fun.

    I used to play Battle for Wesnoth a lot as a kid, both with my dad and by myself, and as it’s turn-based it should run fine on a raspberry pi.

    OpenTTD could be fun, although it may be a little complicated depending on how old they are. It’s not very difficult in terms of challenge though, it’s more of a sandbox once you get past a certain point. There’s also sandbox options to give yourself lots of money if you didn’t want to worry about money and just build cool trains and stuff.

    I used to play a lot of Supreme Commander with my dad as well, so maybe something similar like Beyond All Reason or ZeroK could work if they take an interest to that kind of game. I haven’t tried them though.

  • I switched to NixOS almost two years ago, and it’s really nice being able to define my whole system in a single set of config files. If my hard drive dies or I switch computers, I can just reinstall NixOS using my config files and everything will be set up the exact same way. It’s extremely solid and I don’t need to baby my system because if it breaks I can just reinstall everything back to normal.

    And I can share parts of the config between devices, so when I change my Neovim or VSCodium configs using Home-Manager it gets synced to my other devices, as well as being saved as part of my NixOS config files.