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  • I’ve been working through a replay of all the original mainline Ace Attorney games, via the trilogies on Steam. Played these all on DS/3DS back in the day. I just finished Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, and now I’ve started Spirit of Justice, the last game of this second anthology. Love this whole series. Can’t wait for the release of the “Investigations” spin-off games in September!

    Otherwise, still playing FFXIV. I started Dawntrail, but I haven’t gotten too far into it. I put a pin the MSQ (Main Scenario Quests) a couple weeks ago and just kinda left it there. I have enough other things to work on. Class/Job leveling, finishing up some Alliance Raids/Normal Raids from Endwalker, trying to suck less while healing on Sage, and whatever else side stuff I find.

    I figure that it’s gonna be at least a few months til the next big content update, and at least two years until the next expansion, so what’s the rush? I’ll get back to the MSQ eventually.

  • Talk about a massive failure of the Secret Service. No matter how ones feels about Trump, he – nor Biden – should have ever be in this situation. I’ve been seeing reports that some rally attendees saw the guy on the roof and said something to security, but nothing was done. Sounds like the roof wasn’t even that far away and obviously had good enough sightlines on the stage.

    I do feel bad for the family of that attendee who died. I know these are Trump supporters and all that, but still. You don’t expect to die at a political rally. I’ve been to some rallies before for Dem candidates. My brother, who’s not a Trump supporter, went to a Trump rally in Vegas last month as a gag. And this isn’t Jan 6 and that dumb woman who tried to break into the congressional chambers and got shot by police.

  • Honestly, I think we’d be better off if we got rid of primaries. I do think they tend to lead to more extreme/radical/fringe nominees, since the party candidates try to out compete each other on their party/ideology bona fides. Maybe it is better if go back to the party establishments picking a candidate.

    There are other reason as well. One is that parties are private organizations. So why does a government often run them? I know that’s not true all states. In some states, the primaries/caucuses are almost entirely run and organized by the parties. But in others, primaries are done by state and local governments. Do the parties pay the state back for this? Idk. Regardless, still seems strange.

  • Most of my friends will vote D/Biden. And if they don’t, it’s because they don’t normally vote in the first place. For those that will vote, none will vote for Trump. Nearly all of us are left-leaning to varying degrees. Even a conservative friend will hold his nose and vote Biden. He doesn’t like “Sleepy Joe,” but he absolutely hates and loathes Trump. FWIW, I think the youngest of my friends are mid/late 20s, while I’m late 30s. Most of my friends are 30 and up.

    My parents (60s) and brother (early 30s) will vote D, too. Parents are more moderate/center-left, while my brother and I are more more solidly left. We’ve all either always or almost always voted, at least in these bigger elections.

    No one I know IRL (which includes online friends because we’ve met in person many times) has really talked about not voting for Biden or sitting it out because of his debate performance, age, and/or perceived lack of lucidity. My friends and I joke about it, sure, but that’s it. A couple of us have brought up the possibility of replacing Biden, as part of casual discussion, but they didn’t really go anywhere. Which I took as not really caring to doing so or that it wouldn’t matter and wouldn’t change their positions.

    Anyway, at least in my circles, in my bubble, I haven’t come across anyone who’s now on the fence with Biden or were going to vote but now are unsure.

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    Maybe it’s my doomerism at play, but even one year house arrest I’d be OK with. Keep him in NY in his Trump Tower penthouse. Don’t let him go out to campaign.

    Obviously jail would be better. I just don’t think fines alone are going to cut it. He’s not going to pay them.

  • Earthbound was probably the first game I was ever really enamored with. Even today, it’s definitely one of my favorite games ever. And it’s probably the first JRPG I ever played, and it’s what started me down a long path of JRPGs.

    My parents got me a subscription to Nintendo Power magazine, and I remember reading about the game there and wanting to play it. They didn’t buy it for me when it came out, but I did rent it from Blockbluster a few times. And they did eventually buy it for me for Christmas. It even came with the strategy guide!

    Everything about the game was great. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but it was insanely accessible, even to a then 7-8yo kid like me. JRPGs tend to be darker and complex (though not always). But Earthbound still had complexity, but it wasn’t darker. Yes these kids were having to save the world from destruction, but the story was told in an upbeat, fun way. And it was just the right amount of complexity.

    Earthbound is also probably the first game I ever beat. Certainly the first JRPG.

    I did try the fan-translation of Mother 3. I didn’t end up finishing it. I got close, but it was far too depressing and different from EB. The game was beautifully done (as was the player-made strategy guide!), but I just couldn’t really get into the story and characters. Just wasn’t for me.

  • I know some airports have similar Amazon convenience stores. But they’re not staffless; there’s still at least one person at the exit. Sometimes even another person at the entrance. Yeah it’s quick for me since I’m not waiting in a line or being rung up (though I rarely see people in them compared to the traditional convenience stores), but is the company really saving money? Not that I really care if they are or not, but seems pointless if they still have to staff the stores.

  • The Republican Party has been a RINO itself for awhile now. Now it’s official just the DJT/MAGA party.

    Whatever. Republicans, “the moderates” as we call them these days crazily enough, have no one to blame but themselves. They didn’t have to sign a pact with the devil, but they did. What’s that thing they like saying about unplanned pregnancies? “Actions have consequences”? There they go. They decided to get fucked, and now they’re paying for it.