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    Windows 7 Ultimate for me. I still kept it as a boot option on my main PC until about a year ago because I thought I still needed it for a couple windows apps and games.

    I tried Win8 at one point and hated the changes. I also tried Win10 and one of those “forced bloody updates” bricked my machine so I said ‘fuck that’ for good.

    I’ve dabbled in Linux for 20 years, and run Ubuntu on my living room HTPC for at least a dozen. My main PC runs EndeavourOS now and even gaming has been pretty great.

  • I switched fully to Linux on my main gaming PC about 18 months ago. Honestly Proton has become so good that I really haven’t had to dual-boot Windows or run a VM or anything. I even bought a licence for CrossOver when I first switched but ended up not needing it.

    For the few games that really won’t run (after trying what I find in ProtonDB and PCGW) I really do either A) wait for fixes, or B) just leave them behind. With a library of like 2500 games it’s not hard to find something else to play.

    These are the only games I recall not working at all for me:

    • Beyond Good & Evil (GOG) - Might be fixed now
    • Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (Steam) - Might be fixed now
    • Dauntless (EGS) - Broken due to Easy Anti-Cheat

  • Happy birthday! I actually just started playing Journey for the first time yesterday, less than an hour I’d say (on Steam). The visuals and fluidity of controls are nice, nothing spectacular by today’s standards but I’m sure they were great back in the PS3 era. The beginning felt a little slow trudging through the sand until I understood how the scarf upgrades work. But then when I encountered another player it really started to click and go more smoothly. I like how the game encourages cooperation by pinging and refilling each other’s scarf energy, though I feel like progress might go slow again if I get stuck going solo next session. The puzzles are very simple but I was feeling sick so having a ‘cozy’ game was actually pretty nice.

  • I’m running Endeavour OS (KDE Plasma) and ran into a weird issue with my graphics. It’s like windows sometimes flicker and flight with each other, some fullscreen videos won’t play and just lock to a gray screen instead (e.g. in Steam, though YouTube is oddly fine), and most 3D games are super choppy and unplayable.

    I’m not asking how to fix this, I just want to know how I start troubleshooting! I haven’t done anything special with my system, and I think the issue started after a normal pacman update. My GPU is a GeForce GTX 1060.

    Any suggestions to get started? I don’t even know if the issue is Nvidia drivers, X, window manager, KDE, etc.

    EDIT: The problem was Wayland. Fixed by logging in with X11 instead!