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  • As someone who routinely installs new Laptops for various reasons:


    • Preinstalled Windows is unusable, due to preinstalled spyware
    • No torrents
    • No multiple versions
    • No real support for actually chaning the locale, what you download is what you get. Even if that means redownloading 5 GB for every language, even though the interesting parts are just a few language files, which every OS can also replace while running (Note: OSes, not spyware with a program loader strapped to it)
    • No live version
    • Unnecessarily complex/long installation (Locale settings being required two times, circumventing the M$ account with cmd, denying all spying stuff)
    • Installer does not have drivers for many things eg. some Touchpads, special storage setups etc.
    • Installing takes a long time overall
    • Removing bloat, with varying success (sometimes uninstalling Edge is one click, sometimes it requires powershell hacks) takes ages (my hand always hurts afterwards because removing one thing takes three clicks at different locations)
    • Installing stuff is extremely annoying, inconsistent and insecure (VLCPlus …)
    • Everyone loves hunting down 10 different obscure drivers from various websites, each with unique installers, right?
    • Windows fucks itself up within a few days with a non-insignificant chance … eg. by entering S-Mode (halfway) somehow


    • It may be in part due to me being used to a tiling WM with dozens of workspaces, but even with KDE I have much better workflow - somehow, Windows’ way to multitask is really strange to me, and I can only use it like a 70 year old with only 10% sight in one eye and 0% in the other: very slow and inefficiently
    • You can’t integrate anything with anything, except if you have dozens of accounts of services, some even with costs, and only use everything exactly like daddy manufacturer wants you to
    • Literally no support. Windows fucks itself up in so many ways, and the only “reliable” fix is a reinstall
    • Even with the dumbed down nature of Windows, users are morons. I’d rather teach my grandparents (including my very loud grandfather and said nearly-blind grandmother) Linux from scratch (yes, also LFS) than teach them the “correct way” to use Windows
    • Even when knowing how to use Windows properly, with all tricks applied, it’s less powerful than a pregnancy test running BASIC
    • Paying 250+$ to get served ads to pay even more, money and data, is obviously stupid

  • Mine was not really long and stretched out over multiple devices. First Ubuntu Server, on my server, then a Kali dual boot on my main PC (which was actually useful), then PopOS. Then Ubuntu/Debian, after some time LFS and finally Arch on my old laptop. Then Arch on my PC too, and my new Laptops, and finally Arch on all devices.

  • at high frame rates

    For me it was the opposite, everything below the monitor’s refresh rate (probably), so 60 Hz for me, flickers. As I have a 4k monitor and a 1070, it’s extremely hard to find any game which runs at more than 30 FPS, especially story games (excluding games made with love and the intention to create something perfect, like Metro).