Apologies for the late thread!

What have you all been playing? I’ve been playing a ton of elden ring to get ready for the dlc :) suuuuper excited!

  • Poopfeast420@discuss.tchncs.de
    1 month ago

    Still blasting through World of Warcraft Remix mode, but it’s slowly losing its grip on me. Playing my main, a druid, is still super fun, since everything just explodes in seconds, but my two alts are kind of boring in comparison. Buying all the cosmetics should take me another week, so after that I might focus more on gearing my other chars. I really hope Blizzard adds something to make gearing alts easier, since I’d really like to give other classes a shot, but I’m not interested in slogging through the slow-ish gearing process for all of them.

    I’ve also started playing Diablo 4 again, leveling a Necromancer in season 4. Currently, I’m using a minion build, but it’s pretty boring, since you don’t really do much.